The moon played,
Hide and seek,
With the night clouds,
A gentle breeze,
Carried our thoughts,
Through the night,
We held each other close,
In an impersonal embrace,
In a casual hug,
While I was empty of words,
Don’t fall in love with me…

She clasped me closer,
Willing her heart to melt into mine,
She breathed hard,
And breathed my soul into her
inner sanctum,
She cried,
She laughed,
She was silent,
And with her silent demands,
She made her will known,
For she never knew,
For she never understood,
That my heart was never there,
That loving another was an impossibility,
Don’t fall in love with me.

I desperately,
Looked for a way,
Of letting her know how things were,
Of how nothing existed between us ,
Of how I was never ready,
To love again,
To cherish again,
To celebrate love again,
Please someone stop her,
From falling in love with I,
Dear night beauty,
Don’t fall in love with me,
Just don’t.


My Night

So long dear night so long.
Well, the day has kissed the leas a true goodnight and you have scripted my whole story upon the hours of time.

I hold no grudges but instead I profess a true gratitude for being. Here I am and tomorrow I will be.

Dear night. You know of all of my secrets and cloak and dress them in astute intergrity. Hold me again dear night. I want to feel and fill your cold kisses. It is night again…

What a night…
My night.

Ayoub Mzee Mzima © 2013

An Ode To A Poetess

I sit,
at the very bottom of her feet,
like an astute statue
and watch with awe and wonder,
as the poetess deftly
breathes life into her creations.

I rest,
in the poetess’ limbs,
watching the way
she yarns and strings together threads
of impressive similes and imagery
that conveys and says
the very emotions lurking deep in my breast.
She magically arranges
the idioms in perfect
alignment and in harmony with my psyche.
How did she know about
the vibes steaming and streaming in my veins?
She’s saying the very things
that I failed to give voice to.
My lips were afraid
to mouth them then.
She has given life to these words.

Her metaphors are plodding
and fingering at my trepidations.
With further alliteration,
she will rhyme my pain.
Each meter in each stanza
is a probe and a personal assault.
With enough repetitions,
this poetess will hypnotize
me with unheralded reality.
And with a penultimate syllable,
I’ll drink from her quill,
While my joy and angst spills
on her mature scroll.

Slowly and with a startled glance,
I gaze at the pot of my
run-away emotions taking shape.
With an awed wonder and a close respect,
I can only
vaguely guess the end product.

Will it be;
An Ode?
A Sonnet?
A Lyric?
A Burlesque?
A Carpe Diem?
An Elegy?
A song?
A Ghazal?
An Epic or
A Ballad maybe perhaps?

In a moment I will know,
while still at the potter’s feet.
She the poet in a dark night
by the spring of life,
has trawled my very being with a sure meaning.
She kills I slowly and tenderly
with a potent intent,
painting my life story
with the colours of the wind.
Praise thee poetess..

© Ayoub Mzee 2012


© Ayoub Mzee 2012

City Lights

Neon lights.
For eons.
LED lights.
RED lights.
Screaming electric blue.
Illuminating the city’s intrigues.
Lighting up the city’s rues.
Strobe lights.
Pays undue dues.
Darkness is scantly dressed.
And softly pressed on a teasing breast.
Carousing on a late Friday night.
Disco lights.
Are the city’s lights.
Rushed lusts.
Claims to last.
But just rusts.
Ah. city lights.

City lights.
Lights up a maddening euphoria.
Lighted up taxis.
Rides up latent desires.
Rides down potent rogue longings.
It is another night.
Brightly lighted.
Purchased joy.
Is the city’s light.
Hedonistic tendencies.
Go lucky miasma.
Sums up this wild feeling.
City lights beckons.
To allude.
And allude.
To certain lies and truths.
Ah. City lights.

© Ayoub Mzee 2012

The Perpetual Pawn

Sunshine drowns lost sorrows.
If only I could drink her goodness with my heart.
Moonshine shines her mysteries.
She whispers silver lit dreams.
In familiar darkness,
I find my id,
Inchoate and calmed.
Holding the future with a glad heart,
My being is nourished and nurtured.
Love is too cunning but too sweet to let go.
Silently I sing private thoughts.
Warm thoughts.
Solitary thoughts.
Forlorn thoughts.
Happy thoughts.
A lonely soliloquy,
Vents certain truths,
In her absence.
A one person conference,
Converses with his spirit.
Hold this hand,
And steal this kiss from these lips.
I’m falling.
In sweet lies.
Bleeding in love.
The perpetual pawn…

© Ayoub Mzee 2012

Faith, Hope, Grace and Patience.

As I lay asleep
in my dear bed last night,
And having retired
from the endless
and a bit banal daily chores,
And while the peace
of God embraced
me in a familiar
And comfortable hug free of vexations,
I had a visitation by four nymphs.
They came in the dead of night,
floating in the thin air like dainty daisies.
Their movements were not scurry but very fluid,
A galore of rhythm and rhyming intent,
A calming balm and an atonement for a blistered heart.
In my sleep,
I couldn’t help but let wonder and awe
Hold me captive as there
beautiful music played out in mid air.
Their beauty was to behold.
Long and rich dark flowing hair
cascaded over their shoulders
As they swooshed down closer to me calling my name,
Creating a perfect background for their angelic faces.
Their dermis were smooth
and not blemished or blighted by unruly spots.
I gazed into their eyes and got lost somewhere in there.
I chanced into their souls and all the vicissitudes, lamentations,
Ache and pain made a haste escape from
My psyche and let me know peace for once.
Those beautiful eyes spoke to my id and silenced
The answered questions in my mind.

Their smiles eased the ache from my face.
And the Nymphs spoke one by one.
Their thrilling and trilling voices made from heaven found
my ears and made an acquaintance in a jiffy.
They let me know that it was the prerogative of the
protagonist to make wish and the truth be told.

I was the protagonist in this vintage play.

One by one,
They introduced themselves and stated
Their case as their elegant robes in lilac,
Ivory white and gold graced their lithe bodies.


“I’m Faith, the custodian of belief.
I’m the miracle that holds life together.
I’m the virtue that nurtures love.
I’m the force that keeps you going
even when the sun has refused to smile on you.
I’m the power that fires the imagination of men and women.
Come to me and together we will move mountains.
I’m yours for the asking.
With me, you’ll be able to believe before seeing.
For Faith is nothing but a gamble and an undertaken risk.
Without me, your relationship with God is incomplete.
We will walk together in this less walked path
and I’ll offer you the portal to understand life’s mysteries.”


“I’m Hope, a close relative of Faith.
Sometimes we work and walk together.
Whenever you see Faith I’m usually not so far away.
We share some mysteries. I’m that warm feeling
in your breast that makes you glad to realize that, a
fter all,  nothing is impossible. I’m usually very
active when the day breaks and the sun has kissed the Earth.
It is during this hour that I seek your heart a
nd assure you that the day will be well and when
the sun has long disappeared behind the hills,
you’ll be rewarded with whatever your wishes were.
I will be with you constantly. Your wish will be my command.
I’m here for you my master.
It is my hope that you won’t loose me”


“I’m many things
but it takes a discerning
eye to appreciate me.
I’m elegance. I’m beauty.
I’m refinement in movement.
I’m courtesy. I’m ambassador of goodwill.
I’m politeness.
I’m the free and merited favour of God.
I’m a blessing.
Tonight I want you to
find me and let me
be yours for ever my master
and your life will be blessed.
My sisters have spoken but without
Grace little can be achieved gracefully.
In life, you’ll need to learn the importance
of saying a graceful word to people around you.
It is essential to be graceful to all life around.
Follow in my footsteps and you’ll glean the truth.


“I trust that your day
was faithful, hopeful, graceful and best of of all,
you’re patient in good and in not so good times.
Tell me O master,
what’s that which you
can greatly achieve without Patience?
Patience is that virtue that offers
endurance when things don’t go as expected.
Patience is without anger or angst.
I’m the one who makes you tolerate
the uncomfortable truths.
Pray, I ask, wouldn’t love be rendered
meaningless and nonviable without patience?
Patience is what holds relationships together. I
‘m all that. I will hold you close to
bosom and watch you blossom with
unbound blooming magnificence.
Come and let us go find eternity”

And with that, the Nymphs fell silent
and watched me as they held their hands around me.

Their gravitas defied gravity
as they floated in the night air.
I was expiated, healed and revealed.
These were my kith.
I slowly stood up and we joined hands
And thus we became one being for eternity,
Consumed by rare knowledge
and deep understanding of life’s mysteries.

The feeling was evident when I woke up this morning.

The vestiges of last night
assured me that I’ll never walk alone again.

© 2012 Ayoub Mzee


When sleeps claims victory,
And I’m dead to the night,
And I’m blissfully embraced by slumber, the things come upon I. The ethereal beings finds I.
The dreams.

Some I know while others,
Are unfamiliar and strange.
They tell a wierd story.
Buried pains awaken.
Lost love is found in a clammy night. Whispered beauty is stolen by dreams.
The dreams.

Clandestine aspirations,
Moot a true destination.
A mirage defines the reality,
Of these dreams, escaping a description. Defying an inclination.
The dreams.

© Copyright Ayoub Mzee 2012