Uncle Stu II

It has been quiet sometime now,
Since I last saw you.
You have been so lost Uncle Stu.
Where you being @?
We miss you Uncle Stu.
Please come home soonest.
So much has have happened at home,
Since you disappeared into the big city.
Your nieces and nephews have all grown up and infact have got their own families now.
Some you actually didn’t know.
Uncle Stu,
You have become a stranger in your own home.

But Uncle Stu,
We have always loved you.
You are a such an interesting person.
You used to gall us with endless laughter and mirth.
You had the most kind heart Uncle Stu. You lived with us and shared with us everything you had Uncle Stu.
You cried our tears.
You laughed our laughter.
You lived our pain.
You breathed our joy…

But one day,
One day you travelled to the big city.
You disappeared completely into the big city.
The big city swallowed you,
Just like the way Jona was swallowed by the big fish in the bible…

Come back home Uncle Stu.
We miss you Uncle Stu.
Who wronged you Uncle Stu?

I will play your favorite reggae hits Uncle Stu when you come back home. I still have your favorite collection… Israel Vibrations, Culture, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Hammington, Buju…. I have everything Uncle Stu.
You would sing alongside these greats,
Strumming my heart with wonder,
A wonder of a beautiful and magical life in future time. You were a star to me Uncle Stu.
But now you are gone.
I keep a close watch on the jalopies,
Vying along the dusty road,
And hoping to spot yours too,
As you come home,
Dear Uncle Stu.
It has been many years…

© Ayoub Mzee Mzima 2013


She Called

She called
She called today
I knew she would call
There was something
In the morning air
A certain shine in the sun
That had given me
This premonition
Why I even had thought
About her last night

So when the phone vibrated
In my backpocket later in the day
I knew it was her calling

I said a timid hello
Afraid of her wrath
She instead answered with a soft warmth in her voice
Throwing me offguard
That is ma gran’ ma
An iron lady
With a sharp mind
And with a big heart
But age is catching up
With her very fast

How you doing son
She inquired gently
I am doing ok ma
I answered guiltily
You know it is sometime now
Since you came down to see me
She plodded
I remained silent then answered
I know ma
But things aint going right in the city
She doesn’t answer immediately
Then and in a very controlled voice
She breathes into my ear
And what does that have to do with me
I scratch my head with my other hand
Searching in vain for what to say
Only a handful of dandruff falls off my head
I need a haircut urgently
Suddenly I remember
Uh huh well I need money
To come down home
You know
She chuckles loudly
You Nairobi people
Are a strange species of people
Who told you money is everything
She wonders crossly
Money is everything
In this city gran’ma
I insist
You fool
Money is not everything
She reiterates
I need to see you down here by
Next Saturday
I grudgingly agree
Knowing very well
That I have been
Out foxed again
And try to change the topic

Her bones are creaking with old age
She reminds me
And her back is giving her sleepless nights
She underlines the fact
With a dry laugh
I understand grand’ma
I murmur
I long to see you son
She repeats
I acknowledge her fears
And assure her
That I will be coming down to see her
She will call again
For a follow up
This I know
But I want to visit her
With a new haircut
Yet there is no money…
Yet I want to buy her gifts
Yet there is no money…
Ah This city life
Is not doing me right

© Ayoub Mzee Mzima 2013


Secrets are no secrets
And each secret conspires to escape through the lips.
Secrets have no peace while hidden
They need to circulate
There is nothing like a perfect secret
Secrets have families and relatives
Secrets haunt
Secrets are never comfortable and less liked
Secrets harbours evil
Secrets prisons a soul
A happy spirit is a spirit without secrets
This is the secret…..

© Copyright 2012  Ayoub Mzee